What makes AR Rahman Sad?

AR Rahman is a legend in his field and is widely acknowledged so. He is a brand name globally and the best of the bets directors still queue up to him to get him as music director for their film. With so much happiness all around one would think that Rahman has nothing to worry or nothing to think off that makes him sad. Well, instead of letting us find such sad things or incidents the music director himself has shared what makes him sad.

His childhood is the saddest memory for him and whenever his old name Dileep is mentioned, he is reminded of those times and that makes him sad. Apart from that calling him the Mozart of Madras or the Beethoven of Bombay, especially those prefixes containing seminal names like Mozart and Beethoven and comparing him to such personalities makes him sad.

We see so often the music director being referred to using those names and hence Rahman shared this information on a social networking site that he is part off so that at least it would stop in future, as it makes him sad.