What's holding up Soodhu Kavvum Telugu remake?

Tamil small budget film Soodhu Kavvum became a super hit and raked gold for its makers. Due to it’s attractive novel story almost every industry is trying to remake the film including Tollywood.

First it was PVP who acquired the remake rights and later they sold the rights to Jeevitha -Rajasekhar couple. Since they possess the rights of the film, Rajasekhar is keen on playing the role of Vijay Sethupathi which apparently is making it difficult for the casting agents to find a suitable heroine opposite him.They also considered Gopichand at one point but it is said that Rajsekhar is keen on making a successful come back with this remake.

Rajasekhar who is starting his innings again after some gap is pinning hopes on his upcoming horror film in RGV’s direction title ‘Patta Pagalu’. With Soodhu Kavvum remake next in line, he is hoping to revive his career.