Trivikram Srinivas Rao, writer cum director post the stupendous success of Atharintiki Daredi is a very happy man these days. It needs no special mention as everyone knows it but there seems to be a confusion lurking somewhere amidst this happiness. And this confusion is related to not knowing what to do next now.

The director was reportedly in talks with actors Ram Charan and Jr NTR for some time for his upcoming film after Atharintiki Daredi. It was later confirmed that Trivikram would be directing Charan next and that would be his immediate next movie followed by a film with Jr NTR. The director then apparently asked few months time to get ready with a full-fledged script. Since it was expected to take time Ram Charan decided to start another film during the gap available which is how the Krishna Vamsi project happened.

Now according to latest reports one hears, it is being said that Trivikram has decided to begin his newer project much earlier than planned initially and since Charan would be busy with another project, he is thinking of doing the film with a different actor. Sources say it could be Allu Arjun again, however nothing has been confirmed so far and things are still in talking stages. But this sudden change of plans from the director has surely jeopardized the planning of Charan now. Amidst all this there is talk about Kobali which is further confusing the matters. We hope the director comes up with a clear plan of action soon and are also eagerly waiting to see how Charan, Kobali and Jr NTR fit into his scheme of things.