Who is behind Ramayya Vasthavayya failure?

Success is in films is always attributed one person but there will be a million reasons to dig. There are several high voltage and emotional sequences in the movie which are supposed to go well with the mass audience. But all of them failed to produce the desired effect. The main reason for this is the inefficient back ground music delivered by Thaman. The back ground music should complement well for such scenes to elevate the scenes.

However, Thaman is not the real culprit behind this debacle. He reportedly made it clear to Dil Raju that the rerecording work can not be complete efficiently by the time of the release. Dil Raju, NTR and Harish Shankar did not like to forego the festival season which is expected to help the movie performance at the box office. They pressurized Thaman to complete it at the earliest and finally that resulted in poor rerecording. It may be noted that Thaman’s Brindavanam, Baadshah and Ramayya Vasthavayya albums are some of the best works of the music director in recent times.