We are finally in the release week of Kalki 2898 AD, an epic film offering a never-before-seen experience for India with its mytho-sci-fi touch.

Producers Aswani Dutt and his daughters, Swapna Dutt and Priyanka Dutt, of Vyjayanthi Movies have invested their blood and sweat into this film, and they have many reasons to hope Kalki becomes a blockbuster.

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But, for the industry, it is crucial that this film performs well at the box office. Aside from Hanuman and Tillu Square, no other films have succeeded this year; most have bombed with subpar content and ended up on OTT platforms before audiences even realized they were in theaters.

When a big star and a high-budget film succeed, it breathes instant energy into the trade and excites audiences to watch more films in theaters.

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Right now, Tollywood and the trade are in a dull mode as politics have taken over the public’s attention. A film of this scale and a star like Prabhas can divert attention back to films.

If the film fails, the makers will face criticism for raising ticket prices and making movie-watching a luxury. However, with normal prices, a film of this scale wouldn’t survive.

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Ultimately, it all depends on director Nag Ashwin delivering outstanding content and leaving no room for criticism. As we’ve written before, we hope a new potential Pan-India director emerges this week.