NTR Kodali Nani

It is no secret that Kodali Nani and Jr NTR had been the thickest of friends. But this was at least a decade or so ago before Nani left TDP to join YCP.

But occasionally, the YCP batch used the former camaraderie between Nani and NTR to claim NTR as their own, despite the Nandamuri hero staying away from politics. Incidentally, even Nani himself has occasionally been using NTR’s name in affiliation with YCP.

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Today, on the occasion of NTR’s birthday, Nani shared a new picture of him along with the Nandamuri hero. Incidentally, TDP-NTR mutuals have hit back at this picture now.

“Don’t you have any new pics of you with NTR? Why are you sharing pics from many years ago? Is it because NTR despises you now and you don’t have the guts to stand in front of him asking for a picture” a fan commented.

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This argument by the NTR-TDP mutuals has caught the attention on social media and it has quickly busted the narrative carried by the YCP group.