Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a social media sensation, with her pictures and posts going viral within minutes of being shared.

Samantha has been open about her recovery from an autoimmune disease called Myositis, which she was diagnosed with in 2022.

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To take care of her health, Samantha has tried different treatments, like using a near-infrared sauna. She believes these therapies help her deal with the difficulties caused by Myositis.

Recently, Samantha shared information about this therapy on her Instagram account.

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However, shortly after, a picture of a woman sitting naked in a bathtub circulated widely on X/Twitter, with claims that Samantha had posted it on her Instagram story before swiftly deleting it.

Several accounts that shared the picture promptly removed their posts following reports suggesting that the image of naked Samantha was manipulated and fake.

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There’s still no clarity about whether the image was morphed and fake or if Samantha indeed deleted her Instagram story after sharing it.