Screen sharing formula won't excite Nag?

The Tollywood superstar Nagarjuna seems to have come to a point where his roles in movies have started to seem inappropriate for him and even his fans think it’s time to step down. The actor is known for his matured thinking and trend setting roles will sport roles that suit his age? His co-actor Venkatesh who is of his age accepted the reality and started sharing screen with young boys which is helping these movies create good trade value and evokes curiosity to watch his movies at his age.

Nagarjuna himself once said that “My dad might retire, but I will go on…”. He is clearly very passionate about acting and still wants to work in the film industry but after watching his recent movies, one would say the actor needs to rethink his roles. Taking instances from actors like Amitabh Bachchan, the actor should also settle at more mature and grown up roles. However, as they say, “Nagarjuna thinks 10 years ahead of everyone”, we hope the renowned celebrity is still successful ten years from now.