Will FoxStar revive Kamal Haasan's 'Marudanayagam'?

At the audio launch of Tamil film ‘Cuckoo’ on Tuesday, filmmaker Keyaar appealed to production house FoxStar, who have produced several international blockbusters to revive Kamal Haasan’s dream project ‘Marudanayagam’, which was shelved due to lack of funds.

Kamal’s magnum opus ‘Marudanayagam’ was originally launched in 2000, and was even shot for few days. The Queen of England had come to launch the film that year. After shooting for few days, the film had to be shelved because of lack of funds. Kamal was directing as well producing the film, which was a period drama to be made on the lines of international projects.

Keyaar said that Fox has funded several blockbuster films in Hollywood, and it won’t be a problem for them release this film as well. He said this is the least they can do for Kamal, one of the finest actors of the country.