Sukumar Pushpa 2

Pushpa: The Rule, one of the most eagerly awaited films of 2024, was set to release on August 15 but has now been postponed.

Despite Allu Arjun’s clear instructions to complete filming by mid-June, director Sukumar and his team decided to reshoot some scenes. Sukumar is also reportedly dissatisfied with the VFX, further delaying the process.

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Who’s to blame for the financial hit Pushpa 2 will face due to this postponement?

This isn’t the first time Sukumar has dragged things out until the last minute. He did the same with Pushpa 1, causing delays right up to the release date. The prints sent to the US even had sound issues due to the time crunch Sukumar created, resulting in sync problems and other audio glitches.

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Pushpa 2 isn’t groundbreaking; it’s a typical hero-worshipping commercial movie. Pushpa is no Baahubali, and Sukumar is no Rajamouli. Sukumar has his own brand, but he’s not delivering anything revolutionary in Pushpa 2. So it’s baffling why he can’t deliver a regular commercial film on time.

Postponing from the August 15 release date is a massive setback. The film would’ve smashed box office records nationwide, with an expected first-day gross of 180-200 crores worldwide and over 65 crores from the Hindi version alone. Now, releasing on a regular date, Pushpa 2 is projected to open much lower, losing a potential 30-40 crores on its first day. It also misses the advantage of a four-day long weekend.

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Delaying to December risks losing current momentum. The best songs are usually released first, and with two already out, they might lose their freshness by the time the movie finally releases.

The delay also disrupts agreements with multiplex chains and IMAX screens that were booked for the August 15 release.

Will Sukumar take responsibility for these losses?