Anil Thadani has acquired 4 Pan India Films – Kalki (100 crores), Pushpa 2 (200 crores), Devara (50 crores), and Game Changer (75 crores) – and has overall paid an advance of about Rs 425 crore.

Anil Thadani has played a big gamble by acquiring the Hindi distribution rights of the four biggest pan-India movies. If he has to recover his 425 crores then the combined business of these four films should be in the range of 900-1000 crores net to get the distributor share of 450 crores.

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That means the combined footfalls of these four films should touch or at least come close to 5 crores. Only then the collections will add up to 1400 crores gross which boils down to 1000 crores net.

Notably, Baahubali 2 alone garnered a staggering 5 crore footfalls in 2017, amassing ₹511 crore net, equivalent to ₹1000 crores with inflation adjustments.

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Dividing the footfalls in the Hindi market, Pushpa 2 is anticipated to surpass 2 crores, while Kalki aims for over 1.2 crores. Game Changer and Devara are expected to target footfalls ranging between 60-75 lakhs each.

All depends on word-of-mouth, if the Hindi audience is impressed by the content of these films, the targets might not be too difficult to achieve.

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It would be interesting to see how Anil Thadani’s 1000-crore gamble pans out in the end! We guess that he might win some, he might lose some.