Tollywood Young Director DivorceHe is a young director. He earned the name of a decent director even though he didn’t do half a dozen films.

This year is very special in his life. This year he bagged a big hit in his career which happened to the biggest break of his career.

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He got married in the same month (in February) of the release of that movie.

He also locked another big project as his next project.

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Everything was going smoothly but an unexpected tragedy happened in his life.

It is reported that they filed for divorce less than six months of their marriage.

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It is reported that very soon after the marriage, both of them had ‘compatibility issues’ which led to divorce.

But it remains to be seen how long the legal process will take. Once that is done, he can fully focus on his next project.

Anyway, let’s hope this all ends soon and he scores a big hit!