Hit List

Tamil director Vikraman’s son Vijay Kanishka starred in Samudrakhani, Sarath Kumar and Gautham Vasudeva Menon in the lead roles of the film Hit List. Directed by SooryaKathir Kakkallar and K. Karthikeyan under R. K. Celluloids by Director K. S. Ravi Kumar. In the past, the first look posters of this movie raised the expectations of the movie. The teaser of this movie was launched by versatile hero Surya.

Coming in Action, Suspense, Crime genre, the teaser of this movie has been released recently and is impressing the audience. Today, the trailer launch and pre-release event of this movie was grandly celebrated. Sri Murali Mohan and Telangana Assembly Speaker Sri Gaddam Prasad were the chief guests of the event. Along with them, producer, Director K.S. Ravikumar garu, Hero Vijay Kanishka, Directors SooryaKathir Kakkallar, K. Karthikeyan, Telugu release producers Srinivas Goud and Bekkam Ravindra participated in this event.

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Mr. Murali Mohan Garu said: Hero Vijay Kanishka took his father Vikraman as an inspiration and was in the industry since childhood and acted very well even in his first film. My close associate K.S. Ravi Kumar is the producer of this movie. The trailer is very good and I wish the film to be a success for sure.

Telangana Assembly Speaker Gaddam Prasad said: Thanks to K. S. Ravi Kumar for inviting me to the pre-release program of this movie. My congratulations to K. S. Ravikumar and the team. He wish that this film will be a good success for Vijay Kanishka and team. He wished the whole team a good success.

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Producer K.S. Ravikumar said: I worked as an assistant director for ten years when I was new to the industry. In 1990, I got to know Vikraman sir with the movie Kudhu Vasantham. Now I am very happy to launch Vijay Kanishka. I have worked with many big heroes in Telugu Tamil. We are coming to you with this movie on May 31. I hope everyone will like this movie.

Hero Vijay speaking as Kanishka: Even though I don’t speak Telugu well, I love Telugu movies. My mother is Telugu and my father is Tamil so I like both very much. I really liked the story of Hit list movie. Special thanks to Srinivas Goud, Bekkam Ravindra, who is releasing this movie in Telugu. My directors are SooryaKathir Kakkallar, K. Karthikeyan gave me a lot of comfort and made this film. My father is director Vikraman who made big films in Tamil and Telugu. My father’s first film in Telugu, Vasantham, which was his first film with Venkatesh garu, gave him very good support. I hope this industry will give me the same support for this film. Everyone will definitely like this movie. I wish this movie to be a success with all my heart.

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Telugu release producers Srinivas Goud and Beckham Ravindra said: I would like to express my special thanks to Telangana Assembly Speaker Mr. Gaddam Prasad and Mr. Murali Mohan who came to support us and bless us. Thanks to Mr. K. S. Ravi Kumar who gave us a chance to release in Telugu. He wish the audience to make this movie a success