Nara Lokesh is contesting from Mangalagiri in this election as well. He lost his first election from the same constituency.

For the last five years, rumors were spread that he would shift to some other constituency where the Kamma community is present in large percentages to make his victory easy. But Lokesh struck the constituency and is working hard there.

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The other day, Nara Lokesh said the Ruling Party is planning to spend 300 Crore to defeat him in Mangalagiri.

Not even a few hours from then, Income Tax Officials conducted raids in Mangalagiri.

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The IT sleuths conducted searches at the residence of a prominent textile and money-lender of the city.

In this raid, around Rs 25 crores in cash and other valuable documents were seized by the authorities.

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Officials identified the seized cash as belonging to the ruling party.

It may be reminded that YSR Congress’s candidate Lavanya’s family is in Garments Business named ‘KK Handlooms’.’

When Lokesh mentioned that YSR Congress is going to spend 300 Crore to defeat, it appeared like a political exaggeration initially. But going by the 25 Crore seizure, TDP supporters are saying that 300 Crore may be a conservative number.

Jagan Mohan Reddy toured Mangalagiri on Friday morning and tried to play the BC card once again.

He is saying that Chandrababu hijacked a BC seat for his son but conveniently forgot how he gave Mangalagiri a ticket to a Reddy (Alla Rama Krishna Reddy) in the last two elections.