KCR Revanth Reddy

In the midst of the irrigation dispute, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy didn’t hold back, using strong language like “Randa” to criticize ex-CM KCR for allegedly diverting Telangana’s waters to AP.

In the past ex-CM KCR also used the term “Randa” multiple times, with videos circulating on social media accusing him of abusing ministers and MLAs during his regime.

In response to the escalating tensions, BRS leaders, led by ex-MP and ex-MLA Balka Suman, launched an offensive attack against CM Revanth Reddy. Suman criticized Revanth’s rise to power, calling him a “classless brat” and urging him to change his approach as the chief minister. He also said Revanth should be beaten with chappals.

This personal and disrespectful exchange drew criticism from social observers, highlighting the need for public representatives to set a positive example rather than resorting to unparliamentary language and gestures.

In just three months since Revanth Reddy became Chief Minister in Telangana, the situation has devolved into personal abuses. Concerns are growing among the public about the future, wondering what might unfold in the next five years.

The collective hope is for a more respectful and positive political climate, as people start to express their worries about the current state of affairs.