It is known that the AP CID tried its best to get ahold of Chandrababu Naidu in the skill case in one way or another. After arresting him in the skill case, the CID tried to lock him down further by requesting a Prisoner Transfer (PT) warrant in the Inner Ring Road and Fiber Grid case.

Cut to now, the ACB court has canceled the PT warrant request filed by the AP CID and passed the related order a short while ago.

The PT Warrant was requested by the CID while CBN was in jail. The ACB court has now canceled the same and stated that CBN is out on regular bail and hence, the PT warrant has no use or credibility.

The CID seems rather gutted down after the release of Chandrababu and is still trying to pursue the multiple cases filed on CBN as there are attempts to lock the TDP boss in sand, liquor, and fiber grid cases.

The CID investigated Chandrababu during his time in jail but failed to unearth any proof that he is involved with the scam. This was cited as one of the reasons in Naidu’s bail. Now the anticipation is on the quash petition filed by Naidu at Supreme Court which will dispose all these cases for good.