Former Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao constructed a new secretariat in Hyderabad, citing “Vaastu” issues in the old building.

However, within six months of the inauguration of the new building, KCR’s BRS party lost the elections and he was dethroned from the CM’s position.

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Now, the current CM Revanth Reddy decided to make a few vaastu changes as well. From now on, CM’s convoy will enter the secretariat from Gate 4.

Cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary and DGP will also enter the secretariat from the same gate. Other primary officials and VIPs would enter the building from the South-East Gate 2.

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Meanwhile, the repair works at West Gate 3 haven’t been finished yet. On the other side, East Gate 1 has been permanently closed.

All these Vaastu adjustments are being made at night to avoid disrupting work at the secretariat during the day.

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These Vaastu changes hadn’t helped KCR and lets see if they might benefit Revanth Reddy.