N Varadarajula Reddy

Even if the TDP wins across the state, the victory in Proddatur is uniquely significant. TDP candidate N. Varadarajula Reddy (84) is now the oldest elected representative in the AP assembly. Rachamallu Prasad Reddy faced a setback in Proddatur with the excitement created by TDP’s statewide success.

After a decade, the TDP flag flew again in Proddatur. The people of Proddatur, who had twice defeated YCP candidate Rachamallu Prasad Reddy, did so for the third time, electing TDP candidate Nandyala Varadarajula Reddy with a majority of 22,744 votes.

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Varadarajula Reddy received 1,04,272 votes in EVMs, 2,414 postal ballot votes, and 26 ETPBS votes, totaling 106,712 votes. Rachamallu Prasad Reddy got 82,919 votes in EVMs, 1,034 votes in postal ballots, and 15 votes in ETPBS, totaling 83,968 votes. MLA Nandyala Varadarajula Reddy dedicated this victory to the public.

Even before the notification of the election, many people expressed the opinion that if the TDP ticket were given to Varadarajula Reddy in Proddatur, he would surely win. Based on the surveys, Chandrababu Naidu also allotted the ticket to Nandyala Varadarajula Reddy. The polls indicated him as the winning candidate, leading to his selection.

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Although it had been raining all over the district for a few days, there was no rain in Proddatur. However, as soon as Varadarajula Reddy won and set foot in the suburbs of Proddatur, it rained heavily. TDP activists feel that this success, coinciding with the rain, is an auspicious sign.