Anitha Vangalapudi Teacher to Home Minister

In any cabinet expansion and new cabinet in any state, people are keen to know who will take the Ministry of Home Affairs. This curiosity and interest have increased even more in the case of CBN’s new cabinet. Many names have circulated on social media regarding the Home Minister position.

Rammohan Naidu openly requested Lokesh for the Home Minister position in the upcoming CBN’s cabinet. However, an SC woman leader has become the Home Minister for Andhra Pradesh. Payakaraopet MLA Vangalapudi Anitha has been given the post of Home Minister in CBN’s new cabinet. Women held the post of Home Minister even during the YSRCP government, and Chandrababu has continued this by appointing a woman as the Home Minister.

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Anitha Vangalapudi is the only MLA from the joint Visakhapatnam district to receive a post in this cabinet, despite the presence of many senior leaders in the district. Chandrababu allotted her the ministerial post due to her loyalty to the party. Her dedication and fighting spirit earned her the position of Home Minister.

Vangalapudi Anitha entered politics after working as a teacher. Before 2014, Anitha started her political career with the TDP and won the 2014 elections. From 2014 to 2019, she worked for the development of her constituency as Payakaraopet MLA.

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In the 2019 elections, the TDP leadership moved her from Payakaraopet to Kovvur. Despite losing the 2019 elections, Vangalapudi Anitha continued to work for the TDP. She criticized the YSRCP government while serving as the President of the Telugu Desam Women’s Wing over the last five years.

Despite facing trolling on social media, she did not back down. Coincidentally, past videos of Anitha circulated on social media where she stated that Kodali Nani and Vijaysai Reddy would be her targets if the TDP gained power and she became Home Minister. Now, this has come true.

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