Jaggavarapu Venu Gopal Reddy

Betting was on the rise in Andhra Pradesh during this year’s general elections. From polling day to the counting day, crores of rupees exchanged hands across the state.

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People across the state placed heavy bets on the parties and leaders they were rooting for. While some of them minted a huge amount, others lost crores of rupees.

In a tragic incident in Eluru district, a man committed suicide after losing bets worth Rs. 30 crores and being unable to repay them.

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According to the details, victim Jaggavarapu Venu Gopal Reddy, aged 52, was the 7th ward member in Thurupudigavalli village of the Nuzivedu Mandal. His wife is the village’s sarpanch. They were the supporters of the YSR Congress Party.

In the recently held elections, Venu Gopal Reddy placed bets on YCP’s victory, worth Rs. 30 crores at various places nearby.

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When the results were declared and YCP lost the elections, he left the village and didn’t return. He didn’t respond to anyone’s calls as well.

On June 7, those who had bet against him went to his house, broke the lock, and took away ACs, sofas, cots, and other furniture.

The next day, Venu returned home and discovered his furniture had been taken. Distraught by the incident and unable to repay the betting debts, he went to his field and committed suicide by consuming pesticide.

People on Social Media say Jagan should be made responsible for this as he misled cadre with Fake Survey by AARAA Masthan and with the announcement of Swearing-in ceremony in Vizag.