BJP High Command

We are just one day away from the polling day in Telangana. The election campaign will conclude this evening but the candidates can still campaign going door to door.

The majority of pollsters believe the contest is only between the BRS and the Congress in this election. BJP will obviously take the third position but it will be very interesting to see with how many seats it will get.

The higher the number of seats the BJP will get, the higher will be the chances of a Hung given that Congress is also expecting to put up good numbers.

It looks like the Telangana BJP is also expecting the Hung Assembly in Telangana.

We have seen Prime Minister Narendra Modi address several Public meetings in Telangana and also a roadshow.

This is the first time the Prime Minister has put so much effort into campaigning in the state. It is not even half the effort in the state in the 2018 elections.

Home Minister Amit Shah, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and several Union Ministers also campaigned in Telangana.

It looks like the BJP wants to maximize its numbers and believes it can emerge as a Kingmaker in the case of Hung.

The stronger the BJP becomes the lesser the chances for Congress because both parties will naturally share the anti-incumbency votes and that may actually benefit the BRS.

If at all, the BJP wants to choose between Congress and the BRS in the case of Hung, the choice is obvious.