BAndi-Sanjay-Kumar---BJPBJP which is ecstatic over the recent victory in Dubbaka is trying to replicate the same in the GHMC to ring the danger bells to KCR Government. However, the Saffron Party seems to be getting carried away with the victory.

BJP President Bandi Sanjay’s promises of buying bikes and cars, paying off pending vehicle challans, etc have become a mockery on social media. This morning, BJP leaders headed by him stormed to Bhagya Lakshmi Temple in Charminar.

Sanjay challenged Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to take an oath regarding the allegations of BJP stopping the flood relief distribution and as challenged,
he along with his visitors visited the temple in Charminar on Friday.

Charminar area witnessed scenes like never before today. It is not rocket science why Friday Namaz time is chosen for the visit. The Police had to deploy forces to control the situation. This is very much about the impending communal tensions that Minister KTR warned the people.

In the din of Jai Sri Ram and BJP slogans- the discussion about Hyderabad’s development and civic issues have lost. Political experts say that this style of BJP politics may not work for a city like Hyderabad and instead may prove counter-productive for the BJP.