BJP Wants TDP To Kill TDP?YSR Congress Narasapuram MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju has announced resigning after February 5th. There were rumors that Raghu Rama will be joining BJP and contesting as the Saffron party’s candidate for the By-election.

But it looks like the plan has changed. RRR will be facing the By-election as an Independent candidate. RRR will be facing the election on the agenda of ‘Amaravati- the Single Capital of Andhra Pradesh’. RRR is expecting the support of all opposition parties in the name of Amaravati.

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At the same time, he needs BJP support to take on Jagan. But then, Chandrababu Naidu reportedly said No. He made Raju clear that TDP will support him only if he contests on a TDP ticket or as an independent. Naidu sees this as an attempt of BJP to grow in Andhra Pradesh at the expense of TDP.

“If RRR wins, it will be obvious because of TDP votes. But BJP will use it to their benefit and also against TDP. They will start campaigning they are the real alternative to Jagan. So, it makes no sense. As an independent, that’s fine because RRR is an abled candidate and has a good chance of winning if all the opposition parties are supporting,” a source in TDP said.

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