Nara-Lokesh-TDp-Bye-Bye-BabuThe YCP-led AP government has been facing a whole lot of backlash over the lack of investments and on top of it, the currently residing hostile environment, which is leading to companies leaving the state.

Nara Lokesh pointed out the same as he tweeted in connection with the Foxconn company setting up a mega manufacturing plant in Telangana.

“Neighbouring states must thank shameless Kodi Guddu Minister and Kodi Kathi Chief Minister for sending companies to them. AP stands as a loser today. We were able to convince Foxconn to set up their first mfg plant in AP” Lokesh tweeted.

Lokesh pointed out that the Chandrababu government could convince Foxconn to set up its first plant in AP which is currently in operation. He lambasted Jagan for failing to convince the company to set up its second plant in AP which has now moved to Telangana.

“They could have expanded if the business environment was healthy and govt support was ample,and would have created thousands of jobs additionally.But they had to be sent away by these jokers running the Govt. The impact of #ByeByeBabu is for all to see. It’s #ByeByeAP today” Lokesh tweeted.

Bye Bye Babu was one of the slogans raised by YCP in 2019, and now, Lokesh has cleverly used the same to spit facts and call out YCP over how CBN stepping down has now resulted in AP’s investment value going down drastically.