BRS faced it’s first electoral defeat after the state formation. The party looked invincible at one stage but quickly got reduced to a position of defeat due to various reasons.

Suddenly, the party looks weak and in trouble. KCR did not even meet the Governor to resign or address the media after the defeat. There were doubts if he would come to the Assembly and sit on the Opposition side.

KCR humiliated Revanth Reddy as much as possible. He was arrested in his Bedroom by breaking the doors and had to apply a 12 hours bail to attend the wedding of his daughter.

BRS leaders led by KTR humiliated Revanth Reddy by using degrading words. Now it is the time for revenge. The Congress High Command is also upset with KCR for going back on the promise of merging TRS into Congress if Telangana is granted.

Congress was left with nothing in AP and Telangana for ten years after giving the state. Further, KCR only tried to weaken the party by grabbing it’s MLAs.

BJP will also be after KCR to decimate the party so that it could occupy the Opposition space by the time of next election.

There are people who are predicting that BRS would be reduced to the size of TDP after the state formation. The logic they cite for this is the natural problems that come due to Congress and BJP and due to the BRS leaders themselves.

The biggest mistake of KCR is that he filled the party with the leaders of TDP and Congress while keeping the core Telangana people like Kodandaram away.

These leaders are not ideologically binded to the BRS. They came for power and may leave if they find power is elsewhere. So, MLAs poaching becomes easy.

But then, it is not easy to decimate BRS as many think. BRS is a party with ideological base and moreover, the party has a strong leadership. After KCR, KTR, Kavitha, and Harish Rao are also strong leaders with mass image and oratory skills. BRS has suffered even more problems during Telangana Agitation.

It will be even difficult now because there will be an inconvenience in the top leaders because suddenly they are in Opposition after enjoying absolute power of about ten years.

BRS will definitely have tough time in the next five years but reducing it to a position of the TDP in Telangana is not easy.