Chandrababu Naidu Nara Lokesh Balakrishna

It is official that TDP will be contesting 151 seats while Janasena will be in the fray for the remaining 24 seats in the upcoming elections.

To begin with, TDP announced 94 candidates and Janasena announced five seats.

For four years now, YSR Congress is on a propaganda overdrive about the seats of Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh, and Balakrishna saying that they will shift to some other seats fearing defeat. But Chandrababu closed it completely by confirming their old seats.

Meanwhile, there is another propaganda that Chandrababu, Lokesh, and Balakrishna rely on the Kamma support.

Since YSR days, there is this propaganda of portraying TDP as Kamma party. But the fact is that From NT Ramarao to Chandrababu and to Lokesh and Balakrishna, all these big leaders of TDP never relied on Caste Politics to win.

Let us see the Caste equations in all the three seats:


Chandrababu Naidu will be facing his eighth election in Kuppam. He represented the constituency for seven terms on a trot.

Kamma community is only of 4% of total population of Kuppam. Vannekula Kshetriyas are the majority in Kuppam and are about 42%. SC population is 17% and there are 14% of Kuruba voters.


Balakrishna won two elections back to back in Hindupur and will be raring to go for a hattrick this time. Kamma community is not even in the Top 6 castes in Hindupur.

Valmiki Boyas are 20% here followed by 18% of Muslims, 14% of SCs, 13% of Kurubas, 10% of Reddys, and 6% of Satti Balijas.

Since 1983, TDP has won all ten elections in this constituency dominated by BCs. Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao won thrice from here while Harikrishna won once. All these victories are only because of the support of BCs to TDP here.


Mangalagiri is a very different constituency among the three. In Kuppam and Hindupur, even though caste equations do not favor, the party is pretty strong.

But Lokesh chose a very tough seat to contest. TDP did not win the constituency even once since 1989.

Caste Equations in this constituency are also pretty different. SCs are the highest vote bank here with 20% of the total population. However, BCs are the deciding factor here. Padmashalis are 15%, Kapu community is at 11%, Yadavs are 10%. Kamma community is at 8% in this constituency.

In comparision, Reddy community constitute to 45% of the total population in CM Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Pulivendula constituency. This is the highest presence of a single community in any constituency in the state. In fact, in no other constituency, a single community is present even for 40%. Christian population is also increasing in the constituency and YS family also got it covered.