Polavaram-Dam-ProjectCentral Government had agreed to give Rs 12,911.15 Crores towards Polavaram Project for filling water up to 41.15 meters height. In the original project plan, the benefits of Polavaram can be derived completely only when the water is filled up to 45.72 meters in height.

The state government and YSR Congress media is publicizing this help for the first phase of the Polavaram project. But the Finance department makes no mention that these funds are for the first phase.

In fact, there is no mention that there will be further help in the next phase.

There are doubts that the YSRCP Government had agreed to restrict the height of the project to 41.15 meters so that the Central Government’s obligation towards the National project will be completed.

It is interesting to note that the Central Government did not give 5,127 Crore that is needed for relief and rehabilitation of submerging villages of the first phase.

If people were to welcome this adhoc relief, the Central Government should announce these funds are just for the first phase and the assistance to the project will continue.

For the Polavaram project, the Central Government always reimburses funds that are spent. But here, the state government is claiming that the Center will give this amount upfront.

If the Center gives this amount into an escrow account of the Polavaram project, it is fine. But if the Central Government gives it to the state government’s account, we know what will happen to that money especially with elections fast approaching.