PSR Anjaneyulu

Nara Lokesh used to carry a Red Book wherever he went during the election campaign. He used to mention that he is noting down the names of the officials who used their position to please Jagan and they will definitely get the treatment.

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It looks like the Red Book implementation started.

Two IPS officers who tried to meet the Chief Minister Designate Chandrababu were refused permission. Former intelligence chief PSR Anjaneyulu was stopped by the police. When he reached CBN’s residence in Undavalli on Thursday morning. He was told that there was no permission.

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The Election Commission (EC) removed Anjaneyulu for malpractices in election duties. After that, there were allegations that he worked for YSR Congress unofficially.

In this background, constables stopped his car at the main gate on the way to Chandrababu’s residence and made it clear that the entry was not allowed.

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Another senior IPS officer Kolli Raghuram Reddy was also refused permission. When he sought permission from the officials over the phone to meet Chandrababu, he was informed it was not possible.

Raghuram Reddy played a key role during the arrest of Chandrababu in Nandyala. During the elections, the EC sacked him saying that he was loyal to the YSR Congress, and was ordered to report to the DG office.

Earlier Chandrababu used to go easy on such things. But this time, it is different as things indicate. The officials who worked for Jagan misusing their power are now worried.