Nara Lokesh has greatly amped up his political attack against YS Jagan and he took it up a notch with his latest troll on Jagan while speaking at the Shankaravam meeting.

“I think this Jagan has lost his functioning brain chip. The other day, in broad day light, he asked the public to take out their phones and switch on flashlights as a token of support. How can he even see these flashlights with the sun beaming down in the afternoon? This itself shows that Jagan has lost mental balance” Lokesh said in the meeting.

Lokesh went on to troll another main statement from Jagan where the latter said the cycle should be kept outside and the tea glass should be kept in the sink while the fan should be kept in the house.

“This Jagan is a rich man. He doesn’t know the value of the cycle and glass. I don’t know about him, but for us common public, cycle is a way of transport and a tea glass is used every day. I think this Jagan doesn’t know about our tea glass as he has silverware and uses costly cups.” Lokesh said.

Lokesh kept his satire on Jagan straightforward so as to reach the wider public and this statement drew a cheerful response from the crowd.