Chiranjeevi Took So Long To Realize That About Jagan?Megastar Chiranjeevi has tried to mediate between the industry and AP Government over the ticket prices issue. Despite the best efforts of the Megastar could not even get the prices to hike G.O. right in time for his brother’s film (Bheemla Nayak).

Forget about the prices hike, the government further tormented the movie on the release date inflicting a huge loss in AP. While the talks are happening, Chiranjeevi repeatedly requested everyone in the industry not to talk about the issue as it will complicate things.

Pawan Kalyan obliged it and remained silent on the issue. But Chirajeevi’s other brother, Naga Babu has been releasing videos condemning the government’s attitude. He released two videos in two days. Even though he is not criticizing the government with the same intensity as TDP days, he is definitely trying to vent his frustration on the issue.

Keeping that aside, it is interesting to note how Chiranjeevi is allowing Naga Babu while he himself asked everyone not to talk about it. Buzz is that the Megastar is vexed that Jagan did not keep his word despite his best efforts. The way how Jagan treated Bheemla Nayak, Chiranjeevi realized that Jagan is taking him for granted and decided to stay calm for now.

“How did Chiranjeevi take so long to realize about Jagan‘s nature?” some people ridicule.