Siemens Ex-MD Suman Bose Press MeetSiemens India’s former Managing Director Suman Bose called for a Pressmeet in Delhi to refute all the allegations against him and Chandrababu Naidu in the Skill Development Case.

“It was the vision of the then Government to make the youth employable. We tailored the program to suit the requirements after making a detailed study. There is absolutely no scam or anything,” he said.

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“APCID is haunting him for two years. They are trying to malign me. They (the Jagan Government) appreciated the Siemens project in 2021. They are calling it bogus now. This is like keeping someone beside you and lodging a murder case. You can see the equipment, centers established, and people who were taught and employed,” he added.

The media also asked him on his face if the CID forced him to name Chandrababu Naidu in this case.

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“I would like to leave it with a smile. This is something you would have to read between the lines. I have submitted myself to the judiciary. So, I would not comment when the issue is in the court,” he indirectly said.