Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu had darshan at Tirumala earlier this morning. After being sworn in as CM yesterday, Chandrababu arrived at Tirumala last night.

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After the darshan, Naidu spoke to the media and stated that the cleansing of the administration would begin with Tirumala.

During YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s tenure, Tirumala faced various challenges. The TTD administration troubled devotees with issues, like the booking process and the facilities at Tirumala, over the past five years.

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The holy city lost its glory under the YCP government. The online booking process for darshan became problematic, causing constant difficulties for devotees.

Various rules and regulations have been confusing devotees while booking tickets. In the last five years, the facilities for devotees in Tirumala have become worse, leading to a decline in the number of visitors.

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Therefore, Chandrababu decided to clean up the TTD administration. He stressed that the cleansing would start with Tirumala as it is a sacred pilgrimage town that should remain pure.

Naidu stated that people should be immersed in the thoughts of the almighty when they are in Tirumala and should not be distracted by other issues.

He promised to make Tirumala the best pilgrimage destination again for devotees across the country by making necessary changes in the administration.