Jagan’s Uncle and YSRCP’s Rajya Sabha candidate YV Subba Reddy made a crucial statement on the capital.

“Right after coming to power, we realized we can not build a capital. We made Vizag as the Executive Capital but we ran into legal issues. Hyderabad will cease to be the common capital this June. We will ask the Center to continue it for longer so that we have rights in Hyderabad. We will make a statement on this after this elections,” YV Subba Reddy said.

Any political party will feel it shameful to say they could not do something but YSR Congress is a different breed altogether.

It is clear that Jagan has no vision or acumen to build capital. Also, three capitals do not figure in Subba Reddy’s statement. That is something the people of Amaravati and Rayalaseema should realize. Also, they put the people of Andhra Pradesh to shame by asking for a common capital extension saying they are incapable of building a capital.

After failing to lay a single brick in five years, making Vizag the capital is also a mere formality. It is like we can not build anything so put stickers on a city that is already developed.

YV Subba Reddy already clarified enough on this issue and there is no need for that statement after the elections.

YV Subba Reddy made the people of Andhra ashamed for voting for such an incompetent party and also insulted them before the Telangana people and the World by asking for the common capital extension.

It is for the people to decide if they want a Government that can not build proper capital for the state especially because YV clearly clarified that they are not capable of.