Nara-Lokesh-TDP-CrisisChandrababu Naidu is one of the tallest leaders in the country. He left an indelible mark on Telugu States and also National Politics. Under his leadership, TDP grow so much at the National level.

For more than a decade, there has been a discussion about a possible leadership crisis in the Telugu Desam Party after Chandrababu Naidu. People would cite Chandrababu’s growing age.

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As like in most regional parties, Naidu was all in all for TDP after NT Ramarao. There was no Number two as well. So, the debate continued for years with no answer.

Naidu is currently 74 years old and was sent to remand.

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Telugu population across the globe took to the roads to protest against the illegal arrest of the former Chief Minister.

But then, there are no widespread debates about the so-called leadership crisis in TDP. That is purely the achievement of Nara Lokesh. There was a smear campaign on Lokesh between 2014 and 2019.

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YSR Congress and I-PAC orchestrated a campaign showcasing him as Pappu/Good for Nothing. Back then, Lokesh opted to become a minister via MLC and his healthy personality also helped the propaganda. Lokesh realized the damage after the defeat and quickly made corrections.

He shed weight and also improved his oratory skills. Today, Lokesh is one of the best orators in Telugu politics and also has immense clarity on every subject. Further, he walked close to 3000 Kilometers with sheer determination dispelling all the doubts on his capabilities.

As a result, there is a natural acceptance in the cadre, public, and the media about Lokesh being the next leader of TDP. There is a discussion in some media about what if Lokesh is also arrested. But there is no discussion about who will lead the party after Chandrababu Naidu.

Curbing the discussions about the leadership crisis that existed for years together is the biggest victory of Lokesh. But then, it has come at the wrong time and wrong situation so he can not relish it. But it is now up to Lokesh to use the crisis as an opportunity to impress the public even more.