Deccan Chronicle: Mischief & Victim Card Together

The other day, some TDP activists protested at the Deccan Chronicle Vishakapatnam office after the paper published fake news on Vishaka Steel Plant Privatization.

Union Minister of State for Steel and Heavy Industries, Bhupatiraju Srinivasa Varma said the Steel Plant has incurred a 20,000 Crore loss and the Central Government is concerned about the waste of public money.

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The Minister did not say anything about the Steel Plant Privatization.

Deccan Chronicle carried it with a headline – “Alliance takes U-Turn on VSP Privatisation”.

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If at all, it is a U-Turn. It is the U-Turn by the Central Government. How did DC attribute it to the alliance?

Deccan Chronicle is a Pro-YSR Congress and this is not the first time, DC has done something as such.

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During 2019-24, DC became a trumpet of YSR Congress and was completely peddling fake news on the Opposition.

Immediately after that, Jagan came to the rescue of DC and posted a long message condemning the attack.

Deccan Chronicle and its Editors started foulcrying saying that Democracy and Freedom of the Press have come under attack ignoring their own Fake News peddling.

Immediately after the attack, Nara Lokesh condemned the attack and at the same time, exposed Deccan Chronicle.

Here is another example of Deccan Chronicle’s high journalistic values.

On April 1st, 2020, DC published an article saying that TDP is going to be merged with the BJP. In the last paragraph, it is written that it is an April Fool Joke. That is the standard of the Deccan Chronicle’s Journalism.

Meanwhile, the Union Minister of Steel HD Kumaraswamy visited Vishaka Steel Plant today and announced that saving the Steel Plant is their responsibility and nobody should be worried. Now, what happened to DC’s claims of True Journalism?

Physical attacks are definitely condemnable but sold-out media houses like this are dangerous to society and should be reprimanded by the Government.