Deputy CM Angry, Dismisses Volunteer On SpotThe other day, Deputy Chief Minister Narayana Swamy had conducted the Gadapa Gadapaku program in Mushtipalli village of Chittoor district. He visited the house of a woman named Subbamma.

The Minister read out the names of all the welfare schemes Subbamma’s family has got and told it is because of Jagan she got so much of cash benefit.

Then, he asked what is the symbol of Jagan and to his shock, the woman said ‘Cycle’.

The Deputy CM got angry and immediately ordered the MPDO to suspend the Volunteer. The Minister feels it is the failure of Volunteer in not educating the people.

This is another example of how the Ruling Party uses Volunteer as their party agents even though they are paid from the state exchequer. It is also an indication of how the volunteers are at the mercy of the Ruling Party leaders.