Two days before the Andhra Pradesh polls, Allu Arjun did something that triggered the mega family follower base and JSP cadres. He took part in a public meeting in support of the YCP candidate from Nandhyal, Slipa Ravi Reddy, and this wasn’t welcomed one bit by a section of the JSP cadres.

Incidentally, while we can’t confirm if it is in context or out of context, Nagababu shared a cryptic post on social media that read “He who stays with us and works for our adversaries is our enemy, at the same time an outsider who stands with us is our friend”.

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Nagababu’s cryptic post quickly triggered a series of social media reactions as people started to wonder if he aimed the gun at Allu Arjun over the YCP Nandhyal meeting.

In response, YCP’s Ravi who happens to be a friend of Jagan, said “I don’t know if Nagababu shared that post about Allu Arjun. If he did, then the shame is on him. He must understand that people have friends beyond party lines. He must be a bigger man to understand that. I seriously condemn his intention if he really targeted Allu Arjun”.

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Nagababu’s nameless post has led to multiple discussions already and it has even triggered a response from the man behind the whole operation Silpa Ravi.

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