Prashant Kishor

The polling has ended and the exit polls are incoming for the Indian General Elections 2024. As expected, many agencies are predicting the massive victory of the NDA. If this happens to be true, Narendra Modi will take oath as the Indian Prime Minister for the third time.

Popular poll strategist Prashant Kishor predicted BJP and NDA’s victory long ago. However, a few journalists and politicians dismissed his predictions.

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When exit polls also delivered the verdict in his favour, PK took to social media asking people not to waste their time listening to the talks of idle and fake journalists.

Recently, PK had a spat with journalist Karan Thapar during an interview where the latter pointed out that PK’s prediction went wrong in the case of Himachal Pradesh elections.

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Countering Karan Thapar’s statement indirectly, PK tweeted that next time when is a discussion about politics and elections, people should not waste their valuable time on the analysis of fake journalists, loud-mouth politicians and self-proclaimed experts on social media.

Earlier, he also stated that those who are rattled by his assessment of 2024 elections must keep plenty of water on the counting day i.e. June 4. He reminded that his prediction of Trinamool Congress gaining majority in the 2021 West Bengal assembly elections came true.

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This time, he predicted BJP would win big in West Bengal, upsetting Trinamool Congress and Congress. Interestingly, the exit poll results reflected the same.

PK also predicted that the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy-led YSR Congress Party would suffer a massive defeat in Andhra Pradesh. Many polling agencies predicted the same.

Prashant Kishor said that BJP would win more than 300 seats and would gain significant positions from South and Eastern parts of India. Even exit poll results came out in his favour.