Dwacra chandrababu naiduTelugu Desam government some how managed implement the Raithu Runa Mafi. Even though Chandrababu deviated from the promise by adding some frills to the scheme. Majority of the farmers are happy on receiving 1.5 Lakh per family which is a very good amount considering the poor financial situation of the state.

However there is one Dwacra Runa Mafi which Naidu has to make up. It is decided that each Dwacra women will be getting 10000 Rupees in this scheme. This way the scheme will be costing 8500 Crore which will benefit 7162193 Dwacre women.

The cash strapped Government is pondering on the ideas to bring in the necessary funds. Chandrababu is planning to give this amount to women in three equal installments. TDP government had given the responsibility of Sand Sale to DWACRA groups after coming to power. The step has yielded good results for the state. During the previous Congress regime, the state used to get 60 Crore per year as revenue from the stand. But now, the state managed to get 360 Crore revenue from sand in this nine months itself. Naidu is planning to show this income as security and get loan of the required funds for DWACRA Runa Mafi.