The polling for the assembly and Lok Sabha elections has successfully ended in Andhra Pradesh. Reportedly, there was a total voter turnout of more than 78% in the state (not yet final).

According to the sources, Jana Sena will be making a huge mark in these elections. It is already known that JSP formed an alliance with the Telugu Desam Party and Bharatiya Janata Party.

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Popular news daily Eenadu reported that Jana Sena may win both Lok Sabha seats it has contested. It was also predicted that the party would secure 18 out of the 21 assembly seats. It is heard that there will be a tough fight in the rest of the three constituencies.

As per reports, there is a huge anti-incumbency against the YCP government, which turned in favour of the alliance parties.

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Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan’s victory will be certain in Pithapuram, say the reports. People have already started predicting his majority.

It was stated that the party’s senior leader Nadendla Manohar will also secure victory in Tenali. Yesterday’s chaotic incident involving sitting MLA Sivakumar could turn in favour of Nadendla. For the unversed, Siva Kumar slapped a common voter at a polling station in Tenali the other day.

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Jana Sena seems to have gotten a good share of votes in the ST reserved constituencies, Palakonda and Polavaram. Although there was intense competition initially, as polling day approached, momentum shifted in favour of JSP.

Reportedly, the party got unanimous support in Razole. There could be a tough fight in Gannavaram, Railway Koduru and Tirupati constituencies.

Even though Nellimerla’s contestant Madhavi faced challenges in the beginning, she came back hard and gained good support from people with the help of local TDP leadership.

It was predicted that Jana Sena may win each and every seat in the Visakhapatnam, West Godavari and Krishna districts.

Coming to the Lok Sabha constituencies, it was predicted that Jana Sena win the Machilipatnam seat for sure. However, a tough fight is expected in Kakinada due to cross-voting. But Pawan’s candidacy from Pithapuram will benefit JSP in this Lok Sabha constituency.

Support from TDP and BJP has greatly benefited JSP, potentially leading to highly favourable public verdicts in the elections. Reports indicate that even Pawan Kalyan was happy with the reports received after polling.