Eenadu-Cartoon-On-Jagan-SakshiEenadu is the best in business when it comes to political satire using cartoons. Cartoonist Sridhar became a household name with his many such cartoons in Eenadu for several years. His replacement Makireddy is doing equally good.

A new cartoon this morning has become viral on social media for its satire.

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The cartoon is like Sakshi’s main page with a full-page advertisement for the YSR Congress Government.

Sakshi is titled ‘Swapakshi’ and this advertisement is about ‘Jagananna Kothala Pathakam’. It is a soft satire on the unofficial power cuts that have returned to the villages as the Government is not able to afford purchases from the open market.

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Makireddy lists various reasons for the power cuts. As like in every case where the YSR Congress defends each and every failure with some reason, Makireddy shames the Government with silly reasons for the power cuts.

There is also a photo cartoon of the Chief Minister sitting in the middle.

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All the six reasons listed in the cartoon will instantly leave a smile on the face of the readers and at the same time will shame and expose the Government’s failure.