Andhra Pradesh elections are under 50 days from now and in this context, the government of Andhra Pradesh commissioned two helicopters for Jagan’s use, saying he has an elevated threat from anti-social groups.

A day after this G.O. according to two helicopters for Jagan was passed, YCP MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju approached the Election Commission against the same.

The MP complained to the Election Commission that it is not within the law to hire two helicopters with public funds just to run an election campaign. The MP said this is a gross misuse of power and urged the EC to take action against Jagan who intends to use two helicopters for his election campaign in AP.

The YCP rebel MP mentioned that Jagan is wasting the public’s money on these helicopters in the disguise of an elevated security threat.

With the election code set to come to effect any minute after March 13, this complaint against Jagan at the EC has caught the attention. Does the EC have the authority to restrict Jagan from using two helicopters? If yes, will the EC consider the case filed by RRR and apprehend Jagan? We will know soon.