Journalist Sai

After the humiliating defeat that YSRCP tasted in the recent general and parliament elections, many opine that there is no future for the party and YS Jagan in Andhra Pradesh.

Even journalist Sai, who is known for expressing opinions in favour of Jagan, expressed that Jagan should shut down YSRCP.

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In a video he released today, he said there is no future for YSRCP. He stated, “I would suggest that YSRCP should not be active in politics again. The party has many setbacks, which are evident in the recent general elections. From government employees to police officials in all regions, people are angry with the party, which is why they lost the elections.”

“There is no opposition party status for the party now. The officials trusted Chandra Babu in 2014 and wanted to see if Jagan could perform better than CBN. But, the latest result shows that Jagan has failed to keep people’s trust in all regions, including government employees,” expressed Sai in his video.

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“Moreover, the Reddy community disowned YS Jagan and his party. Especially in Rayalaseema, TDP gained the maximum vote share. At the same time, Jagan does not have the power to protect his party,” he added.

“The police cases against him will be revived, and he will start facing trouble. In such a scenario, I don’t think the party can continue; hence, it is best to shut down the operations,” opined Sai.

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