KCR Defeat

The Telangana exit polls are comfortably in favor of the Congress party. While many of the exit polls predict a close win for Congress, it needs to be understood that every reputed outlet has picked Congress as the winner, albeit by close margin. This could be an indication of the swing in power.

If we break down the reasons behind the positive swing for Congress in the polls, it comes down to 4 main reasons.

The first thing is the positive early push from the win in Karnataka where Congress won the polls comprehensively in the neighbouring state. This rubbed into Telangana Congress in a positive manner.

The second thing is obviously the anti-incumbency as BRS has been in power for 10 years and KCR family has been in position of power for as many years. The negative vacuum appears to have hurt BRS.

Third will be KTR’s unnecessarily provocative comments on CBN where he said there should be no protests in Telangana over the latter’s arrest. This irked TDP troops and also neutrals who felt insensitive comments on CBN, a man who did so much for Telangana were uncalled for.

The last is the winning whirlwind campaign from the Congress party where they covered ground-level penetration, ad campaigns, and social media game. All these factors appear to have worked wonderfully well for Congress and has kept them in a great position in the build up for the counting on 3rd December.