Congress Winning Telangana

Telangana Election Polling is done and dusted. The fate of the candidates and the parties is sealed in the EVM Machines which will be opened only on December 3rd.

The Exit Polls by various agencies and TV Channels will give us an idea of what is happening.

Almost all Exit Polls either give a clear majority to Congress or say it will be the Single Largest Party.

Except for Atma Sakshi, no survey gives a majority to BRS.

National Media unanimously gives a lead to Congress. Republic TV, India TV, and CNN have predicted Congress to be the Single Largest Party. Only CNN says there is a chance of Hung with Congress falling short of 2-3 seats.

AARAA Mastan, one of the most popular local pollsters says Congress is winning with 58-67 seats.

Among the reputed Survey Agencies, Jan Ki Baat and Today’s Chanakya have also revealed their results. Jan Ki Baat says it is a tough fight with Congress being ahead.

Today’s Chanakya says Congress is winning comfortably.

Axis My India is the most reliable survey agency considering the track record and it is partnering with India Today to telecast the results.

Axis My India decided to hold the Telangana Result until tomorrow since some people are still in queues. So, BRS hopes there will be a favorable result.

Summarizing all the Exit Poll results that have come so far, Congress will sleep peacefully tonight even though there is a chance of falling short. At this juncture, they will take the Single Largest Party and will hope they will cross the line comfortably.

We will get to know the real result only on December 3rd.