EVM Hacked

YSR Congress is alleging that EVMs in the recent Andhra Pradesh Elections were hacked and the results were tampered in favor of TDP+.

YSR Congress leaders including Jagan were coming up with ridiculous theories about the EVM Hacking.

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Jagan called them Shakuni Pachikalu which delivered votes as per the whims and fancies of Chandrababu Naidu. He demanded that there should be a nationwide discussion about the EVMs.

Jagan’s Uncle, Former MLA Ravindranath Reddy said Chandrababu Naidu went to Singapore immediately after the Polling and changed the votes by scanning Barcodes.

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Former Dharmavaram MLA, Kethireddy Venkat Rami Reddy is making similar ridiculous videos.

Even Chandrababu mentioned EVMs when his party lost with 23 seats in 2019, but the YSRCP ruled it out, and BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao went on to publish a book titled Democracy at Risk! Can We Trust Our Electronic Voting Machines? Cut to now, from YSRCP party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to their leaders and social media, everyone is singing the same tune and spreading propaganda, but in the process, they are making a joke of themselves.

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But Electronic Experts say that it is impossible to hack or tamper the EVMs.

EVMs are impossible to tamper with and they function like calculators. They are not connected to Bluetooth, Internet, WiFi, etc. So, tampering with them is impossible.

It is important to note that EVMs do not have symbols, they work only with serial numbers. So programming in favor of a symbol cannot be done in advance.

After the nominations are completed, the candidates are allotted to the symbols in alphabetical order, first to the candidates of the recognized political parties and then to the independent candidates. Then the ballot paper is stuck on the EVMs.

Like this, in each constituency, each party gets a serial number. For example, if one party is in the first place in one constituency, then in another constituency, the candidates of the same party can be in the third place.

Until the entire nomination process is completed, it is impossible to get to know the places on the EVMs.

By the time, the serial numbers are known, the EVMs are already transported to all the district centers. They are placed in strong rooms with tight security. Even Political Parties keep a continuous watch on the strong rooms and so, it is impossible to tamper the EVMs.

Some people allege that the votes are changed in the EVMs after the Polling.

That is also next to impossible. They are protected in Strong Rooms with central, Police forces and CCTV cameras guarding them 24X7. They are opened and moved only in the presence of Political Party representatives.

After the polling, the number of votes polled is recorded in Form 17C available to agents of all political parties. In the counting centers, they are matched with the total votes available in the EVMs.

If the votes of candidates are changed, it is impossible to change the corresponding VVPATs as they are already printed and sealed.

After the counting of the last round, the VVPATs of any randomly selected five Polling Booths will be counted for every constituency. If there is any tampering in the EVMs, the VVPATs will expose it. So, the EVMs are completely tamper-proof.

For the recent elections, the Election Commission allowed aggrieved unsuccessful candidates securing second and third places in poll results can seek verification of microcontroller chips embedded in five percent EVMs per assembly constituency on a written request upon payment of 47,200 Rupees per EVM.

The candidates can get 5% of the EVMs checked and pay the necessary fee.

In case they are proven right, their fees will be waived.

The aggrieved candidates can apply for the EVM check within seven days of the declaration of results. That means the time already lapsed in Andhra Pradesh.

Jagan alone can fund all the candidates in 175 constituencies just like that.

YSR Congress candidates did not apply for it or approach the court just because they knew they were bluffing and their theory was not believable.