Jaani Master

In the early hours of Sunday, Bengaluru Police raided a farmhouse in Electronic City and busted a rave party. Several alleged Telugu actors and IT employees were taken into custody. The police also confiscated a huge amount of drugs, including MDMA and cocaine.

Meanwhile, videos of the police raid have surfaced on social media earlier today. Meanwhile, some netizens began claiming that one of the arrested individuals seen in the video was popular choreographer Jaani Master.

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As he is also a noted Jana Sena leader, YCP supporters started trolling him and Jana Sena supporters on social media. Eventually, Jaani Master posted a clarification tweet, stating that he was not the person in the video.

“The first thing people close to me know is that I have no such habits,” tweeted Jaani Master. He claimed this was an attempt to defame him and the Jana Sena Party.

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He mentioned that soon, people will hear the cries of these “evil foxes” who are spreading fake news. He added that he feels pity for those who are criticizing him and sharing the posts without fact-checking the fake news.

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