Arani Srinivasulu

The Polling is completed and the Results are more than a fortnight to go. There are speculations and assumptions all over. Social media is full of rumors and even with media getting exhausted, there is no one to fact check.

One such rumor is that Janasena Tirupati Candidate Arani Srinivasulu going in touch with YSR Congress Minister Peddireddy Rama Chandra Reddy.

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There is a message going rounds in the social media and Whatsapp that Arani Sreenivasulu is in touch with Peddireddy and he is singing praises of Peddireddy in all Public Meetings.

Arani Sreenivasulu is YSR Congress‘s Tirupati MLA and joined Janasena after he was refused ticket by Jagan. So these rumors are easy to spread. But the actual truth is different.

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Forget Tirupati or Chittoor district, there is not even a single public meeting in the entire state after the election.

Which fool would arrange a Public Meeting after the elections are completed? So where are these Public Meetings where Arani Sreenivasulu praised Peddireddy.

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Meanwhile, Post-poll reports says Janasena has good chances of winning Tirupati seat with huge Balija population. Arani also did electioneering very well and spent good money. Pollsters are saying Janasena has an edge in this constituency.

These fake reports of Janasena candidate going in touch with Peddireddy is only to create a perception that YSR Congress is winning and have no substance.