Fake Police Scam

Not so long ago, we heard a case where a group of fake police looted lakhs of rupees from a businessman in the name of election patrolling. They fled with the cash they collected from him, in the disguise of Punjagutta police.

Now, there are several such fake police incidents in Hyderabad which are creating a terror atmosphere amongst businessmen.

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Reportedly, there are several fake police gangs in Hyderabad that target havala businessmen and wholesalers who operate in lakhs and even crores per day in black money. These men allegedly run shady businesses, as a result of which, they don’t deposit money in the banks and instead carry cash with them. They have become prime targets for fake police gangs.

Typically, each of these groups has five men involved. They pose as mufti police officers and say carrying cash during the election code period is a crime. They then terrorize the victims, often businessmen, into paying them some bribe for not reporting all of their cash to the Election Commission.

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Recently, a wholesaler in Goshamahal, Hyderabad was traveling with Rs 25 lakh cash while he was obstructed by the fake police. The gang then took Rs 5000 from him and fled the area. The victim approached the police later and complained about the gang after he grew suspicious.

Hyderabad police are educating people to be more cautious about the fake policing scam and urging everyone to report to the nearest police station if they are met with the same.

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