9999 Number Hyd

The craze for vehicle numbers in India knows no bounds. High-profile businesspeople and top heroes from the Telugu industry go to great lengths to bid on these numbers in auctions to secure fancy numbers that align with their numerology.

Recently, the RTA earned Rs 43.70 lakh by auctioning fancy vehicle numbers. Notably, one number alone brought in 25 lakhs for the department, according to news reports.

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The number TG 09 9999 fetched a total bid amount of Rs. 25,50,002 and was ultimately won by Soni Transport Solutions.

Other fancy numbers like TG 09 A 0006, TG 09 A 0005, TG 09 A 0019, TG 09 9799, and TG 09 A 0009 were auctioned for between 1 to 2 lakhs each.

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